Meet our team (we don't bite)

We are, in basic terms, a bunch of students (mostly Aerospace Information Technology, but also other professions). We develop this project in our spare time and love to see it getting used in practice.

But, of course, it doesn't stop there: It's really not so much about the work, but also about a strong sense of community and passion for Daedalus 2 that exists within both the project and WüSpace, as a whole.

It is these fine ladies and gentlemen who make this project possible and a delight to work on 😉

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Current team members

While saying everyone works on the project every day would be a lie, these are the students who work on the project, as of right now.

Frederik Dunschen

Project Lead

Lennart Werner

System Engineer

Niels Koch

Software Teamlead

Clemens Riegler

Simulation&Control Teamlead

Johanna Mehringer

Mechanics Teamlead

Max Reigl

Mechanics Teamlead

Jan Wolf

Electronics Teamlead

Tim Applet

Financial Affairs

Zuri Klaschka

Telestion Integration Lead

Ludwig Richter

Lead Telestion

Mortiz Gellermann

Mechanics Member

Felix Auinger

Telestion Member

Paul Holzer

Mechanics Member

Antonius Adler

Sim&Control Member

Dennis Wellenzohn

Mechanics Member

Tobias Neumann

Software Member

Lina Mitkov

PR Member, Telestion Member

Peter Stöferle

Sim&Control Member, Software Member

Amelie Ettinger

Sim&Control Member

Jan Tischhöfer

Telestion Member

Joshua Braun

Software Member

Tobias Herbst

Software Member

Bence Bartho

PR Member, Sim&Con Member

Sofia Rommel

Telestion Member

Erik Borschinsky

Mechanics Member

Jan von Pichowski

Telestion Member (Former Lead)

Moritz Schauerte

Software Moritz ;)

Jonas Höfer

Software Member

Sarah Menninger

Software Member

Philip Bergmann

Software Member (Former Lead)

Matei-Florin Oana

Telestion Member

Max Dietsch

Software Member

Julian Mutter

Sim&Control Member

Cedric Bös

Telestion Member

Benedikt Schmidt

Software Member